The names and dates of the first eleven patriarchs are traditional. Some of the later dates of office can vary according to authorities.
Mark 43–68 AD
Anianus 68–85 AD
Ablilius 85–98 AD
Cerdon 98–109 AD
Primus 109–122 AD
Justus 122–130 AD
Eumenius 130–142 AD
Marcianus 143–152 AD
Celadion 157–167 AD
Agrippinus 167–180 AD
Julianus 180–189 AD
Demetrius I 189–231 AD
Heraclas 231–247 AD
Dionysius 242–264 AD
Maximus 264–282 AD
Theonas 282–300 AD
Peter I 300–311 AD, martyr
Achillas 311–312 AD
Alexander I 312–328 AD
Athanasius I 328–373 AD
Peter II 373 AD
Lucius 373–378 AD, not recognized by the Orthodox and Coptic Church
Peter II restored 378–385 AD
Timothy I 380–385 AD
Theophilus 385–412 AD
Cyril I 412–444 AD
Dioscorus I 44–451 AD, deposed
Proterius 451–457 AD, not recognized by the Coptic Church
Timothy II 457–460 AD, deposed
Timothy III 60–475 AD, deposed, not recognized by the Coptic Church
Timothy II restored 474–477 AD
Timothy III restored 477–482 AD, not recognized by the Coptic Church
John (I) 482 AD, not recognized by the Coptic Church
Peter III elected 477 AD, not recognized by the Orthodox Church, officially recognized 482-489 AD
Athansius II 489–496 AD
John I 496–505 AD
John II 505–516 AD
Dioscorus II 516–517 AD
Timothy IV (III in Coptic Church) 517–535 AD
Theodosius I 535–537, deposed, still recognized by the Coptic Church until his death in 566 AD
Paul 537–540 AD, not recognized by the Coptic Church
Zoilus 540–541 AD, not recognized by the Coptic Church
Appollinarius 541–570 AD, not recognized by the Coptic Church
John III 570–580 AD, not recognized by the Coptic Church
Eulogius 580–608 AD, not recognized by the Coptic Church
Theodore 608–609 AD, not recognized by the Coptic Church
John IV 609–619, not recognized by the Coptic Church, fled the Persian invasion
Cyrus 631–642 AD, not recognized by the Coptic Church Orthodox succession thereafter
Coptic Patriarchs
Peter IV 575–578 AD
Damian 578–604 AD
Anastasius 604–619 AD
Andronicus 619–622 AD
Benjamin I 622–661 AD
Coptic succession thereafter

Ancient Egypt. A Reference Guide. . 2011.

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